5 Common Water Pump Problems and How To Fix Them

5 Common Water Pump Problems and How To Fix Them

Using water pumps to extract water supply from wells is very common in the Philippines. In most households, these pumps ensure that daily chores are smoothly flowing. But like any machines, water pumps need proper care and maintenance to function efficiently. And most often than not, those who own a water storage tank are clueless on how to work with their pumps. So, we’re listing five of the most common water pump problems that you may encounter at home. We’ve also provided a few tips on how to fix them.

  1. Water pump won’t start

This is the most obvious indicator that your water pump is damaged. When this happens, just check the plug, cable, or the circuit breaker of its electrical panel to know if one of those is indeed the culprit. But if the pump motor is burned out, it is time to replace it with a new one.

  1. Water pump is vibrating or making noise 

When in use, water pumps can be quite noisy. But when you notice strange grinding, squeaking, or ticking sound coming from it, there’s a possibility that your pump’s bearing is worn. You may simply replace the bearing, or you may choose to install a new pump if you have to.

  1. Shortened water cycle

A water pump usually runs for approximately one to two minutes to put pressure in the system. When your pump gets on and off for a shorter period than usual, that means you have a water pump short cycling. It is usually caused by not having an adequate air charge in the water storage tank or having too much air in the unit. The solution to this problem might be a bit complicated so the safest workaround is to ask for help from professionals.

  1. Water pump won’t stop running

This signals that your water supply is empty or there are leaks in the system’s pipes. If these were the case, you must repair the leaks and ensure that the source of your water, such as a well or a rainwater tank, has enough supply in it.

  1. Foul-smelling tap water

When your faucet produces dirty and foul-smelling water, it could mean two things. It’s either your pump system is pulling water from a contaminated source or your pump has failed to filter out the silt before it pumps the water to the surface. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix on this problem. You really have to call an expert to do the job.